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Raxso Columbus

Columbus is an easy to use file and text finder with a rich set of features!
Download the #1 Rated PC Search Engine and turn your computer into lean, mean searching machine. With the new Columbus you can accessing your files Raxso Columbus fast. Searching has never been easier with this state of the art file, folder and text finder. It's extremely fast and very accurate, within seconds you'll be able to find virtually any file or folder from any drive or path, including multiple drives, a custom list of paths or any combination there of. Default paths such as My Documents, My Videos, My Pictures, etc. are built right in. Plus you can customize the list of paths and filters to suit your personal preferences. Get the results you need with multi-composite logical text searching in addition to the old fashion keyword searching and you'll be able to find what you're looking for in a snap. Need to find a file by name, size, date, time or attributes - no problem, Columbus does that too. With full integration into the Windows shell, a complete set of file commands, and a bunch of extras like printing, exporting, full project support and two built-in file viewers you'll wonder how you ever got along with out it. Download your copy of Raxso Columbus now and start using it today!

Join us in celebrating Columbus Day with your very own special edition of the world famous Raxso Columbus software. Click here for more information!

System Requirements:
Go Raxso!Windows 98 or higher (See Below)
Go Raxso!486DX or higher processor
Go Raxso!64 MB of memory recommended
Go Raxso!600 KB of available disk space
Go Raxso!VGA or higher graphics card
Go Raxso!Mouse or other pointing device
Main Features:
Go Raxso!Raxso Columbus is very flexible
Go Raxso!Advanced include & exclude filtering
Go Raxso!Search using all file & folder criteria
Go Raxso!Internal quick and full file viewers
Go Raxso!Print, copy or save the search results
Go Raxso!Superior, award winning search engine

The download comes complete with our exclusive hybrid Setup utility which will install the correct files for Windows 98 through Windows Vista. Also included is a full Cleanup utility so you risk nothing. Try it for 30-Days and if you're not completely satisfied simply remove it from your computer.

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