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Raxso Guardian

Protecting your personal and private data just got a whole lot easier!
Guardian is a very simple and easy to use security program which was design to protect your personal and private data from internet intruders, sneaky office Raxso Guardian dwellers or anyone trying to sneak a peek at your computer. With its free flowing formatting system it can be used to protect any kind of information that is in the written form. It can protect all your bank and credit card information, website passwords, program keycodes, Windows passwords, internet bookmarks, address information, phone numbers, poems, you name it. The list is endless, because you are given the freedom to customize just about everything when it comes to entering your record details. This adds to the security, because no two people will enter their data in the same way. Guardian even comes with a secure copy and paste, plus you can print out your records if needed. Once you enter your data it will remain protected, safe and secure until you need it. Download your copy of Raxso Guardian now and start using it today!

System Requirements:
Go Raxso!Windows 98 or higher (See Below)
Go Raxso!486DX or higher processor
Go Raxso!64 MB of memory recommended
Go Raxso!600 KB of available disk space
Go Raxso!VGA or higher graphics card
Go Raxso!Mouse or other pointing device
Main Features:
Go Raxso!Store any kind of data fast and easy
Go Raxso!Each entry had its own encryption key
Go Raxso!Ability to create custom records
Go Raxso!Multiple user and project support
Go Raxso!Secure copy and paste, plus printing
Go Raxso!Execute a program or open a webpage

The download comes complete with our exclusive hybrid Setup utility which will install the correct files for Windows 98 through Windows Vista. Also included is a full Cleanup utility so you risk nothing. Try it for 30-Days and if you're not completely satisfied simply remove it from your computer.

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