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Smart Investments:

Raxso PC Software! A smart investor knows it's not how much you invest, but what you invest in. The same is true with software.

Many computer users make impulse purchases or rely solely on the computer magazines to do the research for them. The sad truth to the matter is, all computer magazines are businesses and they turn a profit by getting paid to promote computer software and hardware products. What you're buying may be hot today, but for all the wrong reasons and will leave you out in the cold tomorrow.

At Raxso we understand that shopping for new software can sometimes be confusing, if not frustrating. So, we put together a list of ways to help you make smarter investments when it comes to purchasing software.

  1. Ask A Friend - The first step is to ask a close friend or trusted associate for some software suggestions.
  2. Avoid Temptation - Free software and huge downloads are usually a waste of time and loaded with viruses.
  3. Contact The Vendor - Email the vendor and ask them if their software does exactly what you want it to.
  4. Compatibility Check - Make sure the software is right for your computer and the Windows version you have.
  5. Try Before You Buy - Most software will come with a free trial download, so always try before you buy.
  6. Think Outside The Box - Never purchase software solely because it's displayed in a pretty retail box - try it first.
  7. Take Your Time - Walk, don't rush. Give the software the attention it deserves and trust in your instincts.
  8. Beware Of Knock-Offs - Make sure you're buying the original software not some cheap, low cost imitation.
While getting free or very low cost software sounds like a sweet deal, it usually turns out to be a nightmare. Keep that in mind and you'll come out a winner when it comes to investing in computer software.

And hey, remember to tell a friend or two about Raxso - it surely is a smart investment...

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