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Beware Of Knock-Offs:

Raxso PC Software! Did you ever buy a pair of jeans or shoes and they weren't quite right? Would you know, truly know if you were the victim of a Knock-Off artist? Read on and discover...

When a product is not quite right, it's usually a sign that the product is a cheap reproduction of the original. Recently, I had new tires put on my car. The mechanic noticed the old tires that came with the car when I got it were cheap Knock-Offs. Many companies now out-source for cheaper labor, but I don't think the product should suffer as well.

Are software vendors and buyers the victims of these cheap knock-off schemes? The sad truth to the matter is yes! In fact, software is copied and code is stolen more than any other product in the world. OEM software, usually solicited by email, is high on the list, but this does not exclude other vendors.

So what can you do to protect yourself? Follow along for some pointers on how to spot cheap Knock-Off software from fly by night vendors before they get the best of you.

Version Check:
The first thing to watch out for is the product version. If the product looks simple enough, but is high on the version scale, say v3.0 or higher then it's usually a sign that it's a cheap copy of some other vendor's software. If a product only has a few features on a simple interface and looks like it was done over the weekend - you're looking at a Knock-Off.

Product Name Check:
The most obvious deployment in Knock-Off software is in the spelling of the name. The use of punctuation or abnormal characters at the beginning, middle or ending of the product is a clear indication of abuse. The most common beginning character is the '@' ampersand, while the most common ending character is the '!' exclamation point. The most common middle character is the '-' dash or hyphen. In short, any other characters other A through Z is an indication that the software is a Knock-Off.

Funny Website Names:
This is not always true, but most fly by night vendors use numbers along with their company name. Such as 20Money.com, Testing123.com or HoleIn1.com. I just made these up, but you can check your daily SPAM to get some real fly by night vendor website domain names that can help you spot the pattern. And exactly what is a Raxso anyway?

Believe it or not, our software has been copied more then 1,000 times. So how do we stay in business? By educating the end user the best we can. You can help us by telling a friend or two about Raxso and avoiding harmful software... Keep that in mind the next time you go shopping for new software and you'll come out a winner.

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