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Raxso PhotoReady

Turn your digital prints into real life professional photos fast and easy!
PhotoReady is a very simple and easy to use photo print program which was design to allow you to make much needed adjustment before producing photo Raxso PhotoReady prints. If you currently had a few photos done on-line or at one of the 1-Hour Photo centers you may of noticed that most of your prints did not come out as expected! Not any more, because PhotoReady allows you to quickly make color corrections and even crop the photo to produce amazing results. The best part is, it's not hard at all. Using our state of the art photo color processing you can make professional adjustments with very little effort. In most cases one of our preset color corrections on the F2 through F7 keys will do the job in a flash, or you can add your own. Once more, PhotoReady makes copies of your original photos and stores them for you to either upload, take to your favorite photo center or print out yourself - your original photos are never in harms way. So go ahead, play as much as you like - PhotoReady was designed with you in mind. Download your copy of Raxso PhotoReady now and start using it today!

System Requirements:
Go Raxso!Windows 98 or higher (See Below)
Go Raxso!486DX or higher processor
Go Raxso!64 MB of memory recommended
Go Raxso!480 KB of available disk space
Go Raxso!VGA or higher graphics card
Go Raxso!Mouse or other pointing device
Main Features:
Go Raxso!Produce vibrant true to life photos
Go Raxso!Default settings work for most photos
Go Raxso!Optimized for in-store photo centers
Go Raxso!Very easy adjustments anyone can do
Go Raxso!Process a whole folder with one click
Go Raxso!Automatic tracking, duplicate removal

The download comes complete with our exclusive hybrid Setup utility which will install the correct files for Windows 98 through Windows Vista. Also included is a full Cleanup utility so you risk nothing. Try it for 30-Days and if you're not completely satisfied simply remove it from your computer.

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