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Raxso Shredder

Disposing of all your important documents doesn't have to be hard!
Removing sensitive data can be a time consuming task, but now you can rest assured that all your sensitive documents will be properly disposed of. In just Raxso Shredder a few simple steps you'll have peace of mind knowing that your sensitive documents are no longer sensitive. With 4 dynamic in-place shredding methods to choose from, plus the Original 8-Pass DoD 5220.22-M and Official 8-Pass NSA methods you can't go wrong. Also included are the very popular 8-Pass Blade and 16-Pass Outlaw frequency shredding methods which are very secure. With full integration into the Windows shell and complete memory wipe, all data including both the long and short file names, file date, file size, etc. are completely removed. Shredder is the safest and most complete way to remove all kinds of documents from your computer including financial reports, database files, stock portfolios, even adult content! Download your copy of Raxso Shredder now and start using it today!

System Requirements:
Go Raxso!Windows 98 or higher (See Below)
Go Raxso!486DX or higher processor
Go Raxso!64 MB of memory recommended
Go Raxso!600 KB of available disk space
Go Raxso!VGA or higher graphics card
Go Raxso!Mouse or other pointing device
Main Features:
Go Raxso!Shreds all file data and properties
Go Raxso!Includes 8 methods to choose from
Go Raxso!Log File and Error Reporting options
Go Raxso!Full set of file commands included
Go Raxso!Add files in many different ways
Go Raxso!Project support, Printing and more...

The download comes complete with our exclusive hybrid Setup utility which will install the correct files for Windows 98 through Windows Vista. Also included is a full Cleanup utility so you risk nothing. Try it for 30-Days and if you're not completely satisfied simply remove it from your computer.

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