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Software Shockwave:

Raxso PC Software! One of the most popular ways of discovering new websites is from one friend telling another. This is called word of mouth advertising. But when was the last time you said Raxso, went Raxso or even told a friend about Raxso?

So what is the software shockwave and how can you benefit from it? You can get started by telling a few friends about Raxso in your emails. Place a link back to Raxso on your person home page. And even tell a few fiends in person at school or at work about Raxso.

Remember to tell them to tell someone else as well. In time, when someone comes back and tells you about Raxso it will create a shockwave in your brain that is so wonderful words along cannot describe it.

I call this the Software Shockwave, because the game is played like this. You will probably tell a few friends here and there and then forget all about it. In a few weeks or maybe even months from now when someone else tells you about Raxso it will tickle your funny bone.

So, how do you tell a friend or two without looking like a totally dufus? Simply say, "Raxso.com - tell a friend and pass it on!" The more people you tell the better chances you have of it coming back to you. To add a link on your home page, use the following:

<A HREF="http://www.raxso.com/">Go Raxso</A>

And as always, tell a friend or two about Raxso and enjoy life to the fullest.

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