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Raxso Is Vista Ready:

Raxso PC Software! At Raxso we actually care about the end user, for without the end user we wouldn't make any money. But all kidding aside, all Raxso software is Microsoft Windows Vista certified and ready to take charge when you are.

This does not mean we are no longer open for suggestions or even the dreaded bug reports from time to time. Tell us what you like, even what you don't like! If you run into a problem using any Raxso software product while running any version of Windows, including but not limited to the new Windows Vista, we want to know.

Windows Vista!

At Raxso we go with the flow. We keep all our software up to date and finely tuned so your computer experience is a pleasant one. Just look for the Windows Vista Certified image below before you buy or download any software product. If in doubt - think Raxso...

Remember to tell a friend or two about Raxso - we are Windows Vista ready...

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