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What's New At Raxso:

Raxso PC Software! In an ever changing world, we must adapt. So, to help ease the transformation to the new Microsoft Windows Vista, we are making some huge changes, both to our software and to our website. A change for the better? We'll let you decide!

This in no way means we are leaving any of the previous Windows versions behind. Although change is inevitable, it doesn't have to be painful. We will continue to support all versions of Windows from Windows 98 to the present Windows Vista for years to come. For all you wild and crazy Windows Vista users, just look for the Windows Vista Certified image below and you'll do just fine! No worries here, we are Vista Ready.

Windows Vista!

However, in time we must let go of the past and welcome the future. At Raxso, our goal is to help you with the transition. Are you ready for the change? We think you are... Go get'em slugger.

Remember to tell a friend or two about Raxso - it may very well help change the future...

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Last Updated On: Friday, July 23, 2010